Sales department

With the goal to find best technical solutions for any customers requests and present quotations that are economical and technical optimal this highly motivated team of salesmen ensures a solution to your handling needs.
With nearly 50 years in the market of supplying handling systems this team accesses a product portfolio of vast possibilities to select from.  

Director Arne Olsson

Project & Purchasing

The task of the Department is to accomplish the project objectives defined by the contract documents and quality standards, within the time frame and cost budget established. This is accomplished with the use of tools, both existing and those developed for particular purpose to suite customer’s needs.

The Project Department assumes the responsibility for the successful execution of the project, from the signing of the contract through the successful start-up and commissioning of the project.

The main functions and responsibilities of the Project Department include but are not limited to the following:

  • Compliance with the contract documents
  • Control of costs, schedule and quality
  • Ensure smooth, timely information flow within the project team
  • Regular and adequate reporting, both internally and externally
  • Coordination of contract correspondence between the customer and all parties participating in the project
  • Ensuring the most high quality and cost effective suppliers for the purpose

The Department mainly consists of;

  • Project Management
  • Purchasing, strategic and operational
  • Assembly workshop
  • Logistic
  • Field Erection and Commissioning

Director, Erik Karlström


Our solid stock of technical knowledge and accumulated know-how. By combining creativity with a systematic and logical method the department generates new applications and optimizes the functionality of our products.
New products are constantly being developed with customer value focus. Attendance, attentiveness and understanding of customer needs will ensure continued confidence of our customers.

Director Mikael Isolehto


A tight and skilled team performing high quality assembly at a high production rate to meet the growing demand of SB-products on the market. By running a special assembly workshop for SB key-units they manage an important function in our vision to be the world leading quality supplier of handling equipment to the steel industry.

Production Manager Magnus Jakobsson

Customer Service

Our main target is to provide services to customers world-wide, using Sund Birsta equipment or equipment produced by other suppliers within our field of business. We target to supply anything from a single component to a complex rebuilding or an upgrade of a machine. Service can be performed on single missions or as a complete package with a service contract including spares. Our focus is to provide cost savings to the end customer by increasing performance, availability or by reducing maintenance or energy consumption.
We have a large stock of high quality wear and spare parts to ensure the shortest possible delivery time for all the most important components within our products. A quick and correct delivery of wear and spare parts characterizes the after-sales department. The department also provides a well-trained and experienced service team that operates all over the world.

Director Ulrik Holmberg

Economy & Administration

The most valuable resource in our organization is the personnel and their daily contributions.
A steadily ongoing education and training of the human resources is therefore of great importance for the future of our company.
In the international business life of today: payment conditions often are crucial and essential part. The economy department always seeks to provide our customer with competitive financial solutions.

Director Anders Hellgren

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