2015-11-24 07:15

A bright future for our Coil Handling Systems

We are pleased to announce that things are going well for Sund Birsta. The sales of Coil Handling Systems are very good. We have received orders regarding installations and upgrades of SUNDCO-V, SUNDCO-H and SUNDCO-V / H. We are pleased to be able to spread our expertise more around the world. We will, as usual, work hard to make our customers satisfied.

Below is a list of some orders we have received, as well as individual customers.

ASR, Great Britain

For ASR we will supply a SUNDCO-V system including a wire binding function to this special steel mill. What makes this project special is that the floor has a level difference. For this to work, we must develop a new kind of lift for coils, to transfer the coils between those two planes. We will work closely with our customer to find the best solution to this problem.

This upgrade should be in operation in beginning of 2014.

BMZ, Belorussia

We were recently awarded the contract for supplying a Coil Handling System, SUNDCO-V/H, to BMZ´s new rolling mill in Belorussia. The contract also includes two PCH-Alfa Coil Compactors and some wire binding machines, type KNCA for the new bar mill.
The complete rolling mill is supplied by Danieli Morgårdshammar.

This Coil Handling System is planned to be in operation in middle of 2014.

Saturno, Myanmar

To this new plant we received an order for SUNDCO-H handling system. This project includes a SUNDCO-H facility with PCH-ALFA-4KNB/3800 Compactor, trimming, weighing and loading onto a rotating capstan.

The mill is planned to be in operation in end of 2014.

Formosa Ha Tinh Steel, Vietnam

A couple of months ago we managed, in hard competition, to win the contract for supplying the Coil Handling System to the prestigious new rolling mill Ha Tinh Steel. Today Ha Tinh Steel is just a big green field. Eventually there will be mines, steel melt shop, rolling mill and a harbor. This project is said to be the most modern mill for long products in Asia. We will supply a good size SUNDCO-V/H system with two PCH-Alfa Coil Compactors.

The first rolling mill is planned to be in operation in beginning of 2017. 


Feel free to contact us

Apart from the above orders we are participating in numerous negotiations for new handling systems and hope to get some of them. This means high demand for our products also coming years.
If you want to order a Coil Handling Systems from us, please contact Sund Birsta for more information.


Joakim Sundqvist, 2015-11-24 07:15

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