Bar counter

The Bar Counter BCB is designed for automatic counting of bars as an integrated part in Sund Birsta handling systems, but the counter can also be integrated into existing systems.

The Bar Counter is equipped with automatic identification of the counter wheel and separating screw, as well as the bar diameter. If an incorrect counter wheel or separating screw is fitted the machine will give an alarm.

The Bar Counter has its own PLC system and control the chain at the BCB-area by interface signals. The actual bar diameter and number of bars in the finished bundle is set by the operator.

The speed of the chain conveyor, the separation screw and the counting wheel are synchronized.

Two laser photocells execute, together with a pulse encoder, the counting operation. One laser photocell detects whether one or two bars are being fed and the other photocell performs the counting.

When the preset number of bars has been counted, the counting wheel stops and a kick-off arm transfers the last counted bar to the finished bundle.

The BCB Bar Counter can be manually or automatic retracted from the counting position for maintenance purposes.

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