Handling of Bars

Bar handling

Handling system, reinforced bars

The purpose of SUND BIRSTA Bar handling system is to receive bars from the cold shear roller table and transport the bars to different stations within the bar handling as:
- bar counting
- bar collecting
- wire binding of sub-bundles
- wire binding or strapping of master bundles
- unloading with weighing station

The Bar Handling System is automatically operated
but different parts in the system can be operated

Typical key-machines within the system are sub-bundle binding machines as the KNS and KNE model.
There can be 3-6 of these machines depending on the number of wire bindings required.
The KNSB, KNCA and KNDA model machines are used to bind master bundles.
Also integrated in the system can be a bar counter type BCA, which will become the key machine of the system.


Bar handling

Bar handling systems for long products are in most cases custom made to suit the demands at every individual rolling mill.
The key equipment in a bar mill will normally consist of the following :

Roller Conveyor after the cold shear
Gauge Beam
Designed to suit the products and mill lay-out.


Unloading Table from the cold shear roller table
The type of unloading system depends on the type of cold shear and mill capacity.

Short Bar Ejection
Designed to remove the short bar(s) from the layer of bars.
Design parameter is customers request of shortest accepted bar length in the bundle.

BCB Bar Counter

Bar Counter, type BCB
The bar counter is designed to count bars from 6 mm and upwards. Counting accuracy approaches 100 %.


Sub-Binding Machines, type KNS or KNE
Mill capacity, number of wire bindings and method application, are the parameters for machine type chosen.
KNS is all hydraulically driven using 2,6-5,5mm binding wire.
KNE is all electrically driven, using 2-2,6mm binding wire.

Binding Machines KNSB Delta KNCA

Master-Binding Machines, KNSB, KN Delta or KNCA
Number of bundles per hour, bundle weight and size as well as number of wire bindings per bundle determine the type and number of machines.

Weighing station

Weighing and Tag Marking
This equipment is integrated into the system and will normally weigh the bundle prior to the unloading station.

Unloading Station
Unloading of finished bundles determined by the design of the intermediate bundle storage.

Lifting Beam
Lifting of bundles, alternative with magnets or sling chains

Electrical Control System and Tracking
The complete handling process from bar cutting at the cold shear up to the unloading station for finished bundles, is fully automatic controlled by means of PLC control system.

Hydraulic System
All the movements in the system are hydraulic operated and fed from a central hydraulic unit.

Sund Birsta
The number of operators for works supervision depends on plant size and complexity.

Handling system for Bar in coil, (Garret coil) described in chapter Rod mill.

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