Compactor PCH-alfa

The new alfa-compactor is designed with the customer in focus. We now have desinged the compactor with the highest availability and shortest cycle time on the market. The energy consumtion has been reduced with around 50% compared to other old design compactors.
An essential parameter has always been the cycle time, this can mean the difference between the necessity to install an extra machine or not.
Faster and stronger PCH Alfa

The cycle time has been substancially improved due to improved design and control of moving parts and units. The advance hydraulic system, power controlled is also an important factor to reduce cycle time with limited installed power.
For different coil materials, sizes and qualities a very high compacting force is useful. The PCH Alfa is equipped with the hydraulic system that enable stepless adjustment of the pressforce up to 500kN.

All system components and as well frame work is of solid and advanced design to handle these new level of press forces.

Control system makes sure that all movements are done in an optimum way using proportional technical for pressure and flow to give our customer a very long lasting product with extra high performance. 
Strapping Unit PCH Alfa

Important components, electrically as well as hydraulical are well protected by easy dismountable covers.

Well protected components will prolong their lifetime and improve the conditions for the maintence work as the components are kept more clean.
Binding units Strapping units
In general more modulerised design, for example easy to change within the standard sizes of guide system after the compactor is delivered, applicable if coil weight is increased after the compactor is purchased, std sizes of guide system for max coil size of 2000, 2400 and 2600 mm.

All compactors are ”Combi-prepared”, i.e fixation of key units as feeding and binding head, prepared for
both wire and strap binding.

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