SUNDCO-H, horizontal coil handling system.The SUNDCO Conveyor is designed and developed especially to fulfil the needs of the Iron and Steel Industry.


The SUNDCO system offers the following solutions in the above areas:

1. Simple and heavy constructions and absence of components sensitive to steel works conditions.
2. Reduced maintenance costs due to:
- absence of moving motors and central equipment.
3. Reduced floor space due to:
- removal of all space consuming bends (All directional changes are made at an angle normally 90 degrees).
- ability to rotate the hook automatically on the conveyor. Hook orientation can therefore be changed to suit the various stations.
4. Standardisation of conveyor sections means that the system can easily be modified or redesigned. For example, straight conveyor sections can be replaced with turn-tables, etc.
5. Hook stability is ensured by the use of a wide conveyor track coupled with a long hook carrier. The resulting large load bearing area means that the hook remains completely stable even with grossly off- centre loads.
6. Combining the SUNDCO conveyor with the SUND BIRSTA coil compactor enables us to interlock the two and substantially reduce cycle time.
7. Hook starting and stopping is controlled, mechanical equipment is installed away from the hook load.


Coils are placed onto the C-hook by a stripper car at the reform station. The C-hook is moved up or down (depending on the mill lay-out) into the main level of the hook conveyor system type SUNDCO-H.

Hook Conveyor Line

The hook conveyor is tailor made to suit the mill lay-out requirements as: capacity, number of working stations, coil weight, required buffer zone and type of unloading station.

Trimming station, for trimming of coils
The coil is lifted from the hook by a carriage (shuttle) with lifting beam. The beam can be rotated for better access and easier removal of waste waps.

Tracking system

The SUNDCO-system can be delivered with a Tracking system.
The system mainly consists of a number of reading units located at key-positions in the handling system. Each coil carrier is equipped with an identification tag.
The PLC-control system of handling is keeping track of the coils with the identification cards and the reading station.

Weighing system

Two main concepts are available.

On-line weighing:
The station mainly consists of weighing frame attached to the steel structure of the SUNDCO-conveyor system. The coil and hooks are weighed together while passing the station. The system is operating together with a tracking system and enables totally automatic tagging.

Separate weighing station:
The station is located in the unloading area and consisting of a weighing rack.



The Coil Compactor type PCH is available in various sizes depending on the coil size. The Compactor can be equipped with strapping or wire units.
Our latest development in this area is an alfa compactor that reduces the cycle time to a minimum and gives you the most reliable compactor on the market. 

Tag marking

SUND BIRSTA offer the marked various marking system from semi-automatic system to fully automatic marking and tagging system including automatic positioning of the tag on the coil.

Unloading station-Intermediate storage

SUND BIRSTA has various design of unloading system to fulfill the demand of tailor made system or requirements from the customer.

Electrical control system

The handling system is controlled by PLC-system and is fully automatic operated.
The system includes operational panels for settings, information and eventually manually operations.

Hydraulic System

The Coil Compactor and the working stations are hydraulically operated and fed from a central unit.


- Simple and heavy construction devoid of sensitive components
- Easy to extend due to standardisation of conveyor sections
- Excellent hook stability in all directions
- Hook can be oriented in any direction to suit the various workingstations
- Low maintenance costs due to utilisation of belt drive and no power chain
- Low noise level and smooth operation
- Reduced coil to coil cycle time at the Coil Compactor station and the various working stations due to optimised integrated handling equipment


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