Coil handling system, SUNDCO-V

Reform Station

Coils are received onto the pallet by means of an easy down system.

Pallet Conveyor Line
The conveyer line is designed from the following parameters: capacity, number of working stations, coil weight and buffer demand.

Trimming Station
Trimming of coil top and bottom waps is also possible in the vertical system (not shown on the picture).

Coil Compactor type, PCV-P
The Coil Compactor is designed to accommodate a variety of coil heights. The Compactor can be equipped with either wire or strapping units.

Weighing Station and Tag Marking
The weighing and tag marking are designed to follow the customer's demand.

Unloading Station
Various types of unloading stations are available; Storing Rack, Walking Beam and storage Car.

Electrical Control System - Tracking
As for the horizontal system, the complete system is PLC controlled. Tracking of the coils is based on hook identification readers interconnected to mill computer system.

Hydraulic System
Where necessary, the movements are hydraulically operated with oil supply from a SUND BIRSTA central power unit.

- Reduced investment due to the simplicity of reform station where the coils are formed directly onto the pallet.
- Simple design with belt drive and direct shaft driven motors guarantees low maintenance and costs.
- Easy to extend due to standardised wheel sections.
- The Coil Compactor and the four wire/strap binding units are designed for easy access to vital components.
- Open view from the operator station, which simplifies the operation.
- Low noise level due to the belt drive of the wheel sections.
- Minimal floor space required for a complete conveying system.

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