Strip Mill

Strapping machines

SUND BIRSTA strapping machines type SMB.
The machines are well protected to work in steel mill conditions.
Normal application for the strapping stations are directly after the down coiler to perform circumference strapping.

SMB #11, for Circumference strapping. Heavy duty design for hot or cold coils and with integrated hydraulic unit.


SMB #13, for Circumference strapping. Designed for cold coils.


Other applications is down stream the handling process performing eye-strapping or final circumference strapping.

SMB #32, Radial (through eye) strapping. Designed for hot or cold coils.


The program includes machines in various sizes and equipped with different options.
The machines are equipped with a strapping head type SBH, SUND BIRSTA HEAD using 32mm strap and making a sealless joint.

SMB #51, Eye to sky strapping. Heavy duty design for hot or cold coils.


Cold sheet handling system
SUND BIRSTA offers the market sheet handling system based on beltdriven conveyors.
Smooth and gentle operation of the sheets.

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